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Cryotherapy for Wellness and Beauty. Cold makes you beautiful.

Cryotherapy for Wellness and Beauty: cold physiologically activates the endocrine and the immune systems, consistently increasing metabolism (up to 3 times). While optimizing the main metabolic processes, low temperatures also greatly improve microcirculation, thus stimulating skin oxygenation.  More nourished and oxygenated, your skin elasticity will improve, providing a clear rejuvenating feeling. Thanks to its increased metabolism effect, Cryotherapy also facilitates weight loss and fights cellulitis.

The benefits of systemic Cryotherapy for Wellness and Beauty:

Fast release of toxins, anti-oxidant and free-radical scavenging effect


Up to a three-fold increase of the basal metabolic rate.


Rejuvenation of damaged cells (anti-age effect).


Recovery and reactivation of peripheral circulation.


Reduction of fat accumulation (500/900 kcal burned in each session); skin tone improvement.


Increased oxygen and nutrient supply (improved skin compactness and radiance)


Stress reduction and improved quality of sleep.