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Healing with cold: questions and answers.

Who invented Systemic Cryotherapy?

Systemic Cryotherapy (WBC) was developed in Japan in 1978, by a Japanese doctor who experimented its benefits on several patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since then, the Europeans and the Americans have researched and published many of their studies on the most prestigious medical journals. In Eastern countries, Systemic Cryotherapy has been popular for a long time and in some European countries it is covered by the national health services. In the US it has become a normal practice for the majority of professional athletes.

Has “Systemic Cryotherapy” been tested and experimented?

Yes, it has.  Systemic Cryotherapy has been studied and implemented by a number of European doctors and researchers for over two decades. The treatment is natural and 100% safe.

How does the treatment work?

The cold inside the Cryosauna is produced by vaporized nitrogen which brings the superficial temperature down to about -130° C, for a maximum of 3 minutes. The body reacts by activating cascade mechanisms resulting ifull cell regeneration, with extraordinary effects on the whole body. While exposed to the cold, an overall body “scan” is activated and the body itself is moistened and regenerated by the hyper-oxygenated blood.

Is it dangerous to breathe vaporized nitrogen?

No, it isn’t. Nitrogen is not a toxic gas: it actually makes up 78% of the air we breathe. Nevertheless, it is very important not to exceed 80% concentration. For this purpose the Cryosauna base includes an adjustable platform to make sure the patient’s head is always kept well out of the cabin. In addition, a detection device placed at face level monitors the oxygen levels and, in the unlikely case they dropped under the safety level, the treatment would automatically be interrupted.

Is the treatment painful?

Absolutely not. The air inside the Cryosauna is cold but extremely dry, therefore the perception of cold is minimum and well tolerated during the time of exposure. The patient’s body stays inside the chamber while his head is visible to the operator who constantly follows the patient until the treatment is over.

How am I going to feel after the treatment?

Our body releases endorphins during each Cryotherapy session. Endorphin hormones produce an intense feeling of wellness, euphoria and energy. This sensation will continue for 6-8 hours after the treatment.

Will a regular use of Systemic Cryotherapy benefit the immune system, prevent illnesses, treat and preserve from inflammations?

Yes, it will. For these reasons athletes and people suffering from inflammatory pain are able to find fast and long-lasting relief. It is also worth bearing in mind that 800/900 calories get burned in each session, the same as in a one-hour running workout: the consequent metabolism increase will stimulate weight loss.  During menopause, Cryotherapy represents a particularly valuable aid for fighting against weight gain, a common issue in this delicate period of a woman’s life.

When will I notice the first benefits?

Each person reacts differently. What normally happens first is a feeling of increased tone and energy. In musculoskeletal inflammation cases, relief is felt right from the start and will continue during the hours following the treatment. Some patients have reported sleeping deeply the night after and an improved joint elasticity the following morning as well as a reduction of pain for 48-72 hours.

Can I train/work immediately after a Cryosauna?

Absolutely!  Before training or before a physical performance, a Cryosauna will in fact increase your strength, endurance and energy. After training it will support physical recovery and repair any damage the workout may have caused. It is even possible to have more than one session in the same day.

Can I eat before a Cryotherapy session?

Yes, you can, providing you have a light snack only. If your aim is to lose weight, it would be better not to eat for 2 hours after the treatment.

How can I cope with the cold?

The perception of cold is very limited as the air produced by the vaporized nitrogen is dry, also considering the fact that the treatment never lasts more than 3 minutes.

Could I catch a cold due to Cryotherapy?

No, bacteria cannot survive these temperatures. The sudden impact with cold generates an increase of body temperature due to metabolic activation. The immune system activates its defenses in only 3 minutes. Regular sessions can actually reduce or prevent catching colds and flu.

I’m claustrophobic. Can I use the Cryosauna?

Yes, you can. Consider that the door to the Cryosauna is kept closed by a magnet. All the patient needs to do to open it, is to push the door gently with his hand. Furthermore, the patient’s head and part of his shoulders are kept outside the cabin.

How often should I receive a Cryotherapy treatment?

The number of sessions can vary depending on the purpose.

Is it necessary to shower before/after the treatment?

There is no need. Nothing gets damp or wet during the cryosauna treatment. However, the therapy includes 15/20 minutes aerobic workout to reactivate circulation. Despite it not being particularly intense, some patients might feel in need of a shower to cool down. In any case, the Centre is provided with changing rooms and showers

Is there any special behaviour I should follow before a Cryotherapy treatment?

Ladies’ underwear and men’s pants/boxer shorts should be made of natural fibres (cotton or wool). Your skin should be clean and dry.

Are there any restrictions on the use of Systemic Cryotherapy?

Yes, there are a few. The patient shouldn’t be suffering high blood pressure, should never have experimented convulsions, Raynaud syndrome, be pregnant, suffer from cardiovascular disorders, intracranial aneurysm, coagulation disorders, cold urticaria, cardiac pacemaker, vein thrombosis, severe anemia, kidney or urinary system disease, arterial hypertension.

Can I have Cryotherapy during my menstrual cycle period?

There are no limitations: Cryosauna does not cause spasms or other kinds of alteration.

What should I wear for Cryotherapy, what should I bring?

A two-piece swimsuit or underwear set for ladies and a pair of swimming trunks or pants for men will be fine. A pair of cotton or woolen socks and comfortable sportswear for the workout session in the gym will complete the attire.