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Cryoteraphy in Sport. Ready to get back in the game.

Cryotherapy in sport: the professional sport world, where fast recovery is crucial, is the field that really spread Systemic Cryotherapy worldwide. Scientific research has demonstrated that extreme cold facilitates recovery time after intense training or after an injury. Today more and more athletes from different sporting disciplines regularly use it to obtain these results.

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The benefits of Cryotherapy for professional and amateur sport:

Accelerates muscle recovery after training and competitions.


Reduces inflammation caused by intense workout.


Improves aerobic capacity.


Facilitates the reabsorption of hematomas.


Accelerates healing processes in general.

Systemic Cryotherapy is effective for treating:

Muscle damage.


Acute or overuse tendon disorders.


Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


Myofascial pain syndrome.


Contusions and hematoma – including persistent cases


Capsular ligament injuries.