Therapeutic exercise video sessions.
Not losing sight of our objectives.

M1 Phyisio Sport Clinic distance therapeutic exercise sessions aim at taking the patient through the assigned exercise plan under the physiotherapist’s guidance and supervision. Sessions can be either individual or by groups.


Who are our Video Sessions for?


  • who has received a series of exercises to perform at home
  • who needs to be guided through a safe and regular performance of the exercise plan, thus ensuring a long-term effectiveness of same.


(Undergoing an initial physical or virtual assessment is a prerequisite for accessing the service)


Which conditions can they treat?


All the conditions for which manual or instrumental treatments haven’t been considered strictly necessary after the initial assessment.

Servizi - Rieducazione Posturale - M1 Physio Sport

About group classes


Group sessions will deal with homogeneous conditions and will therefore be grouped in the following Classes:


  • Upper limb
  • Lower limb
  • Back (cervical and low back)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Medical gymnastics (over 60)
  • Children posture exercises
  • Adults posture exercises

Online sessions requirements


  • Internet connexion
  • Enough space to work out
  • Small training tools may be occasionally required by the practitioner from time to time



DURATION: 45 or 30 minutes



3-5 pax homogeneous groups classified by condition


Duration: 45 minutes

For further information please contact:

+39 02 92 88 10 10

+39 338 44 20 393 (Whatsapp)