Custom Designed Orthotics. A future to stand on.

Custom Designed Orthotics are corrective aids aimed at supporting and correcting your feet. In case of injury or pain, we will treat the symptom first, and then make the orthotic.

Orthotics are recommended in the following cases:

  • foot issues such as Morton’s neuroma, flat feet or high instep, bunion, plantar fascitis, metatarsalgia, corns and calluses;
  • joint contractures due to incorrect body weight distribution;
  • arthritis due to incorrect body weight distribution;
  • arthritis due to valgus or varus knee deformity;
  • poor circulation and venous insufficiency.


For this reason, in M1 Physio Sport Clinic the orthotics design is based on a static and dynamic postural examination, not only on foot support.


M1 Physio Sport Clinic is a certified distributor of Formthotics, foot custom designed orthotics made in New Zealand with different profiles and consistencies in order to adapt to a variety of problems and needs. Usable with normal or technical-sport shoes, they provide greater stability and enhance athletic performances.